Namibian localities

In the course of many years, details about localities have been collected by the authors and might not all be up to date. Readers are welcome to contribute by relating recent observations and experiences. This is a short survey that deals with some of the most rewarding and fairly easily accessible localities. For more detailed information with respect to the whereabouts of sites, contact the authors. Many localities are on private ground, mostly on farms, in which case collectors need to contact the proprietors. Access on guest farms is less problematic.

Between Outjo and Grootfontein

There is a guest farm 63 km west of Outjo, Gelukspoort, that offers mineral collecting (jasper) and a second farm east of the town, Hopewell, where permission has to be gained. Some sites are to be found between Otjiwarongo and Otavi, one of which (Okorusu mine) can be visited by appointment. From the B 1, 45 km north of Otjiwarongo, mine workings can be detected on the side of a mountain. Following the rails up the mountain slope to the uppermost terrace, you reach a number of quarries to find fluorite, baryte and hematite.

Tsumeb is no longer a locality, but around Grootfontein some old mine sites offer opportunities: Schlangenberg and Guchab (dioptase), and Abenab (descloizite). Guchab can be reached from the B 8 at the Guchab railway station if you cross the rails and walk into the valley past the station building. The old mine dumps can be seen 800m further on to the left. An interesting sight that might be visited is also nearby, the impressive Hoba meteorite 20 km west of Grootfontein.

Blutkuppe, a Jasper outcrop on Farm Gelukspoort

Hoba meteorite, near Grootfontein

The Kaoko region

Table mountains of the Etendeka plateau
Some of the sites in the Kaoko region can be accessed by 4WD only, such as Aub Canyon and Van Zyl's Gat. Additionally, you need a permit for the latter. Both localities are known for agates. Two other sites not to be reached easily are the Marienfluss in the far north, a locality for spessartine, and Swartbooisdrif near the Kunene river, a sodalite locality.

The road through the hilly landscape north of the Palmwag Lodge sometimes crosses rocky basalt formations rich in cavities. Many of these are lined with minerals; the dominant one is heulandite, which occurs in clear crystals in geodes that can occasionally exceed 5 cm in diameter. Weathered specimens are opaque. Also natrolite can be found.

Two sites in the Kaokoveld are easily accessible. One is situated 3-4 km west of the Grootberg pass that crosses the Etendeka formation. It is a locality for quartz, agates, calcite, prehnite and zeolites. A little further up stilbite can be found in the river sediments south of the road, and among others also heulandite and scolecite. Secondly, there is Camp Aussicht on the farm Omaue between the C 43 and the C 35, where you can go mineral collecting for a fee. Omaue is famous for its dioptase, and also plancheite can be found here.

Zeolite locality, approaching the Grootberg pass

The text on Namibian localities is a shortened version of the German one, also with less photos. For more details, refer to the German text or ask the authors - you are welcome!