The „Mineralien-Kabinett” is a lovingly assembled mineral collection and addresses both learned and pastime collectors who are interested in nature and enjoy marvelling at its wonders.

About 50 years ago, our gallery originated in a small collection comprising mainly mineral specimens from Germany (predominantly from the Harz mountains). Over the years, the collection grew through the addition of exhibits from new locations like Namibia, Great Britain (particularly Cornwall), and Slovakia and was continually expanded. By now, it is being maintained and cared for by second- and third-generation enthusiasts. Today the “Mineralien-Kabinett” includes more than 3000 specimens and is increasing steadily, for example with new exhibits from locations like Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The specimens are displayed in glass cabinets and display cases, organised by location. Even the tiniest component parts that nature has created can be explored through a microscope - marvel at the fascinating diversity of shapes and colours that Earth has created through millions of years!

We are a family of self-taught collectors that goes “rock-hunting” out of interest and as a leisure activity, and we would like to encourage others to do likewise. Therefore we aim at arousing curiosity and enthusiasm for mineral collecting, offering a wide range of motivating material for the beginner, but also hoping to barter with the connoisseur.